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Many tourist sites are to be discovered from

Saint-Jean du Bruel

  • In the village itself: Noria Museum – Water house, villages of Saint-Jean du Bruel, Nant, Cantobre
  • In less than 30 km: Aigoual Mount, Aven Armand, Dargilan Bramabiau abyss, La Couvertoirade, tourist train on the Larzac rails from Ste-Eulalie deCernon, reptile centre of the Larzac, Millau with its           viaduct, the village of Montpellier Le Vieux with its breathtaking panorama,     historical heritage sites of the Knights Templar and Hospitaller, remarkable sites such as the Roquefort cheese cellars, Grand site of Cirque de Navacelles.
  • The territory of the Causses and the Cévennes, on the list of World Heritage by UNESCO

Leisure and Activities


If you love outdoor activities, you'll feel at home here! The area near Saint-Jean du Bruel and Millau can boast with great possibilities:

  • Canoeing, aquatic adventure
  • Numerous hiking waymarked tracks
  • Bungee jumping and paragliding
  • Bathing
  • Fishing...







All through the year, Saint-Jean du Bruel host many events and activities such as extreme running sport, concert, market during the summer, shows, circus, traditional feasts as well as music festival. There's enough to delight any taste!

Near the village:

  • Chamber music festival of the Larzac
  • Festival Knights Hospitaller in Nant at the end of october:

 The program of the events is available on: